Reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water

Reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water is a water filtration system that will make the obtained water Quite high purity Until it's almost called There are no substances remaining except plain water, or it can be said to be of almost the same quality as distilled water. This quality depends on how effective the filter used is. If the filter used is in good condition There is a small pore filtration system (microorganisms cannot pass through) and is well maintained. You will get clean water that can be used for consumption.
Water produced by other production processes
As for other water production processes, such as boiling and normal filtration (such as bottled water that is commonly sold), it will leave some substances that are commonly found in water, such as zinc, calcium, chlorine, etc., which are the number of substances that remain. these There must be no more than the standard amount specified by law. (If more than this will be classified as mineral water) and most importantly, it must not be harmful to consumers, such as no microorganisms found in that water. or does not cause harm to the body
But due to the production of RO water, it produces water that is very pure. Therefore, there were people who protested that it might have a negative effect on health. We will see what the truth is about this story.
Will RO drinking water cause the body to receive less nutrients than normal water?
As already mentioned, normal water will have other substances mixed in, many of which are It is a nutrient that the body needs, such as zinc, calcium or fluoride. They are all beneficial to the body. Drinking RO water therefore results in the body receiving less of these substances.
Drinking RO water will cause tooth decay.
RO water is quite pure. Can corrode the enamel of our teeth. and may dissolve the tooth enamel As a result, the teeth are not strong. Or it may be easy for teeth to decay, but these events can happen Only when you come into contact with this water for a long time, such as keeping it in your mouth all day. Or keep your teeth dipped in RO water all the time.
Drinking water normally The water will have very little chance of coming into contact with the teeth. Then it will flow down into the throat and digestive tract. Remaining water may remain in the mouth. It will be diluted with our saliva. And most of it will flow down into the digestive tract as well. Therefore, it has no effect that can cause tooth decay.

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