What is magnetic water?

Magnetic water refers to water that flows through a strong magnetic field. or flows through energy caused by far-infrared radiation (FIR) with wavelengths of 6-14 um, which will cause the physical structure of water to change. But the chemical properties remain the same.
The molecule still has 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen. The physical structure changes due to the force of the magnetic field acting on it. The hydrogen bond angle (Hydrogen Bonds) causes the bonding force between water molecules to decrease from the original 75 dynes/square centimeter (tap water) to 30-45 dynes/square centimeter. Groups of water molecules that used to stick together in large groups of 10-14 molecules per group are reduced to only 4-6 molecules per group, known as hexagonal water, which has important benefits for the survival of living things.
Making water molecules smaller helps the water move and flow better. Can permeate in-out between cell walls easily The amount of dissolved oxygen increased by 4-6 milligrams per 1 liter of water, helping cells receive oxygen for the energy generation process faster and more. This is because oxygen is the main component of the body's metabolic process. Therefore, it helps increase energy to the cells. Helps strengthen cells Has the ability to build immunity to disease
However, if the surface tension of water decreases by 1-3 nM/m, it will increase its solubility. can dissolve minerals Nutrients, enzymes that are beneficial to the needs of living things. Including bringing oxygen into the cells well while when leaving the cell It will bring toxins. Waste residues left in the cells and caused by the metabolism of nutrients Out of the cells into the excretory system as well.
In addition, the increased amount of hydrogen peroxide gas makes the ability to destroy bacteria and germs more effective. Helps break down toxins and various chemicals that are contaminated with water such as chlorine, insecticides, herbicides, and others through ion exchange. Makes the structure of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) in the form of calcite crystals. Accumulated as limestone slag changes to thin sheets of aragonite crystals that hang in suspension and do not accumulate. Helps reduce scale that is firmly embedded in containers, sanitary ware, and various water pipe equipment. It also prevents the formation of scale in the arteries, including stones in the human and animal bodies. In addition, magnetic water has increased electrical conductivity and has a high negative ORP value, making it outstanding in its antioxidant properties. Because they are ready to donate negative electrons. to stop the chain reaction
In the past, people who talked about magnetic water were often considered "magnetized water". He is a person with a deceptive career. Because there has not yet been open disclosure in the field of science. Knowledge about the health benefits of magnetic water will be accepted in society. It takes a long time to stay. Because most doctors still view Using the properties of magnets To treat disease is deceptive.
Until a turning point was reached that made society accept the power of magnetism. is the Nobel Prize in Medicine in the year 2003 for the work of inventing (creating) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) images. The Nobel Committee awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine (Nobel Prize in Medicine) Medicine 2003 to Sir Peter Manphew, British physicist from the University of Nottingham It is awarded jointly with Dr. Paul Lautebe, an American chemist. from the University of Inlinoy for itching found a way to create images in water molecules primarily from magnetic waves, leading to the invention of an excellent medical device for disease detection, called MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) ) which is more useful. X-Ray machine and CT scanner
The Nobel Prize in Medicine Committee in 2003 recognized that magnetism is an invention that is beneficial to human health. By the vibration of hydrogen molecules in water that receive magnetic waves. It was an important turning point in thinking for the scientists who had previously opposed it. Source of magnetic energy (Magnetic Energy)
1. Natural water Will receive magnetic energy in 3 ways:
1.1 Material Magnetism is the line of magnetic force from the North Pole to the South Pole. This magnetic field covers the entire earth.
1.2 Gravitational Magnetism means the force of attraction of the earth.
1.3 Planetary Magnetism is the magnetic power of the universe. which is the strongest because it can be seen from being able to capture various stars To be orderly in the universe system Which if there is no power like this to pull Our planet may be spinning away from its solar orbit.
2. Water from a water filter Most famous magnetic water filters In addition to having a filter, such as a ceramic filter. Different types of carbon filters must have a magnetic bar attached to them. Some types of water filters may have magnets placed around the water outflow pipe or faucet, and some may look like a round lump in the middle with a hollow hole like Donuts are placed under the base of the machine. The water filter manufacturer uses a magnet with a strength of approximately 4,000 Gausses. But if you use a size of 10,000 Gausses, the water that just flows through it will receive energy and become magnetic water or magnetic water.

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