Magnetic efficiency of high magnetic water facility

The high magnetic water facility not only saves water and energy in convenience, but also applies internationally advanced NdFeB magnetic technology, and magnetic water Improve human immunity prevention of more various diseases, Magnetic force is one of the four natural fundamental forces, and the compass, one of the four great inventions in ancient China, is just an example for the skillful application of magnetic force. Li, Shizhen, the well-known physician in Ming Dynasty, had stated that the water treated by magnetic force could work well as “remove scars,” " grow skin," “gestate baby after long time drinking,” “easy to mix with wine,” and “strengthen Yang” , etc. 400 years ago. (Refer to page 582-586 in Compendium of Materia Medica). This kind of water could strengthen the body and treat various diseases. However, the magnetic material used in ancient days was a natural magnet-— magnetite, whose performance is much lower than modern artificial composite magnetic materials. After water is processed by NdFeB for high magnetization, the angle and length of water molecule bond deform. The angle of hydrogen bond reduces from 10$ degrees to 103 degrees, the change of microstructure promotes water molecule to produce serial electrical and magnetic changes. Proportionally, the physical and chemical properties of water change as well, where the activity and thickness of water arc highly increased, and CaCO and MgCO in water are decomposed into soft Ca(HCO ) and Mg(HCO ) during boiling, which is easy to be taken by water. In addition, the polymerization degree of water is increased, the dissolved solid substances become thinner granule:*, where the distance between two ions is smaller. After water is magnetized, the oxygen content, osmotic pressure, surface tension and salt solubility change completely. The magnetized water can improve the permeability, reduce blood viscosity and keep vein elastic. Drinking the water can prevent thrombosis and remove concretion. In addition, the magnetized water can increase the activity of enzyme and strengthen body. Years of clinic experiments show that the magnetic water does no harm to human body, and the magnetic effect of the product could keep your body strong forever.

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