Benefits of drinking water through automatic magnetic faucet products

This results in effective absorption by the body. Helps the work of various cells of the body to work more efficiently, such as
1) Improves water absorption To repair damaged cells
2) Water helps the skin to be radiant and bright. Look younger
3) Helps eliminate toxins at the cellular level (Detoxification)
4) Reduce sediment that causes stones. which is the cause of disease
- Stomach stones/kidney stones/bladder stones
5. Help balance the body's functions for maximum efficiency. Carrying nutrients to various cells of the body
6. Helps reduce various inflammatory conditions such as joint pain, back pain, and gout. Helps break down accumulated uric acid. To be expelled from the body
7. Reduce the incidence of cancer cells. Increase your own immunity to fight disease.
8. Reduce inflammation of all types of skin, reduce rashes, itching, allergies.
9. Use soaking and bathing to nourish the skin. stimulate blood circulation cell turnover and add freshness
10. Adjust balance Reducing the symptoms of heat, acid reflux, and eliminating bad breath.
11. Use to wash vegetables and fruits and soak for 1/2 - 1 hour to remove chemicals. germs and increase freshness
12. Use water for agriculture, watering plants, pets, and bathing. To remove dirt and odors

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